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Bag your Bob’s Bingo bonuses this October

Halloween is coming to town at Bob’s Bingo, and this week I’m going to let you know about one of two amazing Halloween deals coming your way. If you fancy a “spooktacular” special promotion this Halloween, stay tuned to Bob’s Bingo. So, without further ado, let me tell you all about my new Golden Halloween Game over at Bob’s Bingo.


Golden Halloween Game


Halloween is a few weeks away, and now is the time for you to potentially double your winnings. You can enjoy a spooky Halloween by playing my Golden Halloween Bingo game every hour in the Victoria 90 rom. My chat hosts will decide which is the golden game, and put out announcements that the games are about to occur 2 games in advance.


If you can call bingo on a Golden Halloween Game, you will win double the normal prizes. Prizes are paid out for one line, two lines, and full houses. There are guaranteed to be thousands of winners each month, so buy as many cards as you can to bolster your chances of success.


Players need to have deposited at least £30 on the day you play in order to bag my scarily huge prizes. Don’t hesitate to contact customer support if you have any questions regarding this exciting bonus.

Join Bob’s Bingo today


Don’t forget that new players can also get in on the action this Halloween. Join Bob’s Bingo today and you can pocket matches worth 500%, 350%, and 300% on your first three deposits, respectively. Players will also be able to claim a free £15 no deposit bonus required bonus upon sign up.


Pop back next week when we’ll be discussing another Halloween treat of mine. It’s no trick – join us next week to learn more about my Halloween themed Spell ‘Bat” bonuses, right here at Bob’s Bingo.


Halloween Spiders Web


Four more goodies for Bob’s Bingo players

Welcome back to Bob’s Bingo, roomies. If you are not yet a member, join now to claim our triple sign up bonus upon membership. If you are a member, then take a look at these amazing offers that I have in store for you this week.


Slot tournaments for all


This month, I have slot tournaments for everybody. I am running weekly and monthly tournaments, and all you need to do is play your favourite slot machine games to enter them. You’ll get 1 point for every £50 you wager, and the higher up the table you finish the more cash prizes you can win, in my £1,500 weekly and £4,000 monthly tournaments.


Cashback deals


If you like cashback, then deposit to claim goodies this month. I’ve got cash back deals worth 5%, 10%, 15%, and 20% for deposits worth between £25-£49, £50 and £99, £100 and £199, or £200 or more. Deposit now to claim your ideal cashback deal.


Jackpot specials


When you deposit this month, you will also be given tickets to my Daily Jackpot Lounge, Mega Jackpot, and Super Jackpot games, which are worth top prizes of £250, £500, and £1,000, respectively. Snap up these ticket offers for games taking place at noon daily, 5pm on Mondays, and on the first day of each month at 5pm.


Money multipliers


Bob’s Bingo players can also claim my cracking Money Multiplier deals by calling bingo in 24-28, 29-33, 34-39, 40-44, or 45-90 numbers. Doing so will see them able to pocket jackpot cash prizes which are worth £5,000, £4,000, £2,000, £1,000, or £500, respectively, courtesy of 10x, 8x, 4x, 2x, and 1x multipliers.


Join us next week for more amazing Bob’s Bingo deals, only at my top class bingo site.


Bob’s Bingo promises a trio of treats

Hello there, bingo fans, and welcome back to Bob’s Bingo. I will be offering all players the chance to claim a tasty trio of treats. From daily raffle deals, to session bingo, and free bingo tournaments, you can get your fill at this site. I’ll also still offering new players the chance to claim matches on their first (500%,), second (350%), and third (300%) deposits at Bob’s Bingo. Now, how about that, then?


Win a share of £15,000 with the Daily Raffle


Each day this month, you can earn free entry into my daily raffle with every £10 you deposit into your account. Every day, ten lucky Daily Raffle winners will be drawn from a pot, to pocket £50 apiece. Who wouldn’t want a slice of that?


Great value deals with Session Bingo


Session Bingo games are also hosted at Bob’s Bingo. I have got 6 daily games for you to play, with £100 prizes per game, and tickets costing just 5p a card. You can pre-buy ticket batches for this game, too, which is played each night at 9pm in the Victoria 90 room.


Free bingo games


Lastly, if you fancy playing a spot of free bingo, then my bingo site is where it is happening. Bob’s Bingo carries two different free bingo games, and winning in the first one will get you access to the second. Level one games are open to all, with 10 free cards handed out each day to players Win in the first game, and you will be promoted to Level 2 games. Level 1 and Level 2 bingo games carry prizes worth 50p and £2 each.


Check back next week for more amazing Bob’s Bingo deals, but until then, from everybody here, and myself, I wish you an excellent week playing at Bob’s Bingo.


Multipliers and free loot make Bob’s Bingo the place to play

Hello everybody, and welcome back to Bob’s Bingo. I don’t know about you guys, but I love it when I can snap up free loot and multipliers at other bingo sites. So, I thought, why not offer it to many favourite roomies? At Bob’s Bingo this month, you can now bag money multiplier bingo games, and wrack up the free money just by signing in. Here’s a little more on my latest deals here at Bob’s Bingo.


Multiply your winnings


Each week you can win up to £5,000 with my Money Multiplier games. Call bingo in 24-28 numbers, and you can win a 10x multiplier worth up to £5,000. Call it in 29-33 numbers or 34-39, and you can still win multipliers worth 8x, and 4x, up to £4,000, and £2,000, respectively. Multipliers of 2x, and 1x are also present when you call bingo on 40-44, or 45-90 numbers, up to totals of £1,000, and £500, respectively.


Log in to win daily prizes


Also merely logging into your Bob’s Bingo account is enough to see you win. Players can pocket at least £1 in free cash, or as much as £10 in Casino Cash, simply by depositing, and logging into your account. There, you can spin my money wheel, where you are guaranteed to bag at least a £1 bonus sum, but possibly much more. What more could you ask for?


Don’t forget – if you are new to Bob’s Bingo, make sure you claim my welcome bonuses, which promises matches worth 500%, 350%, and 300% on the first three deposits you make at my bingo site, respectively. Check back next week for more of my amazing offers, right here at Bob’s Bingo.


September with a smile at Bob’s Bingo

Hey there everybody. The summer is beginning to fade from view, but before it does, I’d like to talk to any prospective newbies about the bonuses they can claim when they choose to join my bingo site this autumn. If you ever needed a reason to play with the best bingo site on the net, here are four of them.


Welcome bonus


From the very moment that you choose to sign up as a new player at Bob’s Bingo, I will offer you a no deposit required bonus. This no deposit required bonus is worth £15 in all, and is offered as soon as you verify your debit or credit card with us – but don’t worry, we won’t charge you.


Newbie bonus boons


Should you decide to deposit, you are going to be on the receiving end of three massive deposit deals. Players can claim matches worth 500%, 350%, and 300% on their first three respective deposits, in a welcome package which is worth up to 1,150% in all.




You don’t have to be alone at Bob’s Bingo. If you decide to refer a friend, I will offer you a £10 Amazon shopping voucher. That’s £10 to spend on what you like at Amazon for every friend you successfully refer to my bingo site.


Re-deposit deals


I also reward any subsequent deposits you make at Bob’s Bingo, too. There are matches of 25% available for all deposits worth up to £25, whilst deposits worth up to £50 are met with 50% matches. Deposit between £50 and £100, and I’ll offer you a 75% cash match, whilst deposits worth £100 up to £500 are offered 100% cash matches.


I also run many major monthly promotions and weekly wonder deals at Bob’s Bingo. If you fancy a swipe at all of this and so much more, come and join me. August may be over, but the deals just keep coming back at Bob’s Bingo this autumn, so don’t miss out.

Win cash prizes with weekly tournaments

Have you tried Bob’s Bingo lately? If not, you have no idea what you are missing. Bob’s Bingo comes fully comped with a triple match deposit bonus offer for new players, as well as a plethora of bountiful deals for you to get to grips with. Why not try your hand at Bob’s Bingo this month, where you can claim matches worth 500%, 350%, and 300% on the first three deposits you make as a new player? That is only the tip of the iceberg, come and see what other offers await you at Bob’s Bingo.


Free bingo treats from Bob’s Bingo

Do you like free bingo treats? Every day this month, I am offering free bingo games to all of my players. There are two types. The first games are open to all, and you can win real money 50p prizes. Winners will also bag tickets to the exclusive second games, which have larger £2 prizes. If you free bingo, this is your chance to be a winner with Bob’s Bingo.


Call, spin, and win with my free tournaments

What about tournaments? If you love game tournaments, then you’re in luck with my bingo site this month. I am prepared to allow all of my players, entry into four weekly and one monthly tournament at Bob’s Bingo. Weekly tournaments carry £1,500 cash prizes, whilst the monthly tournament offers £4,000 in prizes. All you have to do to get points to add yourself to the leaderboards is wager £50 or more on games at Bob’s Bingo. What could be simpler, right? The higher up the table you end up, the larger the share of the pot you will win.

Don’t forget to join me next week, when there will be even more top Bob’s Bingo offers discussed right here.

Multiply your cash at Bobs’ Bingo

Welcome back to the Bob’s Bingo blog, where this week, I’ve got some really hot, summer-themed offers for you. If you like the big bucks, then you are going to love what I have in store for you. Don’t forget that if you aren’t playing with Bob’s Bingo yet, then why not join me today. I will offer you matches worth 500%, 350%, and 300% on your first three deposits, in this triple-pronged welcome bonus offer.


Log in to bag free cash with Bob’s Bingo


When you choose to sign in to your Bob’s Bingo account, you can claim free cash. Yes, there is no error, you did read that right. Log in everyday and you can spin the Wheel of Fortune to win as much as £10 in free casino cash each day. All you have to do is make a deposit and check back to spin the wheel. What could be easier than that?


Money Multipliers for everyone


Here at Bob’s Bingo, I am also running a Money Multiplier offer in May. Play my Money Multiplier bingo games which cost just 10p a ticket, and you can win up to £5,000 in cash. If you can call bingo on these games in 24-28 calls, then you can win 10x the normal prize, which is worth £5,000, Call bingo in 29-33 numbers, and you’ll win at 8x multiplier worth up to £4,000. Do it in 34-39 numbers to bag a 4x multiplier which is worth up to £2,000. Even if you can call bingo in 40-44 numbers, you can bag double the value of the prize, worth up to £1,000. Finally, if you can call bingo in 45-90 calls, then you can 1x the prize, which is worth £500 in total.

Happy New Year specials from Bobs Bingo

Hey there, roomies. Happy New Year!


Here at Bob’s Bingo, I would like to introduce you to one of the hottest bingo promotions on the net, and it is sure is the perfect way to kick start your New Year festivities. When you decide to deposit at Bob’s Bingo, you can pocket tickets to an amazing New Year bingo game, and if you aren’t yet a member, then why you choose to join today you can claim a delightful welcome bonus. All this and much more awaits you at Bob’s Bingo. Here’s how to get your share of the spoils…


Win a grand in your hand on the first


On January 1, Bob’s Bingo will be ringing in the New Year, with a special one-thousand-pound bingo game. It is known as the Jackpot Special – Super Jackpot bingo game. You cannot buy tickets to this bingo game, but you can snap up tickets by depositing at the online bingo site. The more you deposit, the more tickets you get. The game takes place at 5pm on New Year’s Day, and £1,000 is at stake, so hurry along and get your share of those great riches this New Year’s.


Join Bob’s Bingo to pocket big cash rewards


If you aren’t yet a member of Bob’s Bingo, there is still time for you to sign up and join in the fun. Bob’s Bingo is accepting all new players, and offering them a mighty welcome bonus for choosing us to play with. There is a £15 no deposit bonus awaits you upon sign-up, as well as first deposit bonuses worth 500%, 350%, and 300% on the first three deposits you make as a new player. No other bingo domains are offering you as much this New Year’s. So, once more, Happy New Year, from everybody here at Bob’s Bingo.

Bobs Bingo Christmas Crackers

Hey there, Bob here, and I’ve got four more Christmas crackers for you this month. When you decide to play with Bob’s Bingo this Christmastime, I’ll make it worth your while. I’ve got an excellent three-pronged welcome bonus offer, which can see you claim 500%, 350%, and 300% matches on your first three deposits, respectively. That’s not all. Wait until you see what else Santa has in his sack for you this Christmas.

Season cashback offers

Players at my bingo domain can claim cashback all month long. When you decide to deposit between £25 and £49, £50 and £99, £100 and £199, or more than £200, you can pocket cashback deals worth 5%, 10%, 15%, or 20% of whatever you deposit. Bingo cashback offers don’t come much better than that.

Jackpot specials

This month, I’m also running several jackpot specials. Every day, there is a £250 Daily Jackpot Lounge bingo game to be played at 12am GMT daily. On Mondays, players can choose to play in the Mega Jackpot games, which are worth £500 in cash. I also run a Super Jackpot game on the first of each month which is worth £1,000. Simply deposit to earn tickets to these jackpot bingo games.

Money Multipliers

Fancy a few multipliers to go with that? Call bingo on 24-28, 29-33, 34-39, 40-44, or 45-90 balls during December, and you can pocket multipliers worth 10x, 8x, 4x, 2x, or 1x the normal winnings you would pick up. This great offer is worth as much as £5,000 in all.

Log in to win

And lastly, every single day you log in to your Bob’s Bingo account, I will credit you with a £1 free no deposit bonus. That is a £1 bonus, all month long. All you have to do is log in, nothing more. This bonus is valid on all side games and bingo games at the site.

Make sure you hurry along to claim these four crackers, and don’t forget to have a very Merry Christmas, from Bob’s Bingo.

£20K Christmas Giveaway at Bob’s Bingo

Hello once more roomies. It is adios to Halloween, and hello Christmas. Can you believe that? The festive day is less than 4 weeks away, but here at Bob’s Bingo, I’ve already orchestrated a host of great offers and deals for you. Join me at my bingo site today and I’ll offer you matches of 500%, 350%, and 300% on your first three deposits, as well as access to all of these cracking Christmas treats. Let’s see a bit more of what’s in store for you at Bob’s Bingo, shall we?


Goodies Paradise


This November, you can exchange patterns for goodies with Bob’s Bingo. My Goodies Paradise Pattern Special wants players to win with the snowflake pattern. Collect as many snowflake patterns as you can on my 5p Buckingham Palace bingo games, and you can exchange them for cash. I’ll offer you 100 free cards, 5 Bonus Bucks, 5 Casino Cash, and £20 in real cash, for 5, 10, 20, or 50 snowflakes. There’s no frost on that offer.


£20,000 Big Christmas Giveaway


If you like that, you’ll love my £20K Big Christmas Giveaway. This slots tournament features eight weekly leaderboards, and two monthly ones, and runs until the end of December. Each weekly leaderboard game has a prize pot worth £1,500, with each monthly competition having a prize pot of four grand. Simply wager £50 on any games at Bob’s Bingo to earn leaderboard points. The more points you have, the higher up the leaderboards you go, and the more prizes you will win.


It’s shaping up to be a great Christmas at Bobs Bingo. Make sure you join me next week for more fabulous festive fun offerings.